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The Wind

Who has seen the wind?

Neither I nor you;

But when the leaves hang trembling

The wind is passing through.


Who has seen the wind?

Neither you nor I;

But when the trees bow down their heads

The wind is passing by.


Christina Rossetti

00:00 / 04:25

Tributaries  (Cassidy)      1:29

Who has seen the wind?_no text.jpg

Who has seen the wind?   (Burt/Rossetti)     4:27

Butterfly Dance.jpg

Butterfly Dance (Cassidy/Burt)    0:20


The Lighthouse  (Cassidy)      4:34

October Light.jpg

October Light  (Cassidy?Burt)    3:58

Lassie Once.jpg

Lassie Once  (trad)    1:07

Towards the Atlantic.jpg

Towards the Atlantic  (Cassidy/Burt) 10:29

After the storm.jpg

After the Storm  (Cassidy/Burt)  3:07

She's Gone.jpg

She has gone  (Burt)    5:12

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